Beauty draws attention but uniqueness is attractive

Following The Future Elegance design concept to build up a futuristic vehicle with both sportiness and elegance

Your perfect ride, your uniqueness

Pure and Extreme

  • Length


  • Width


  • Height


  • Wheelbase


Floating Coupe Design

More flexible for ground clearance

Futuristic Facial Design

Unique, outstanding style

Halo Screen

Start your day with your own ritual

Hatchback with No Rear Window Design

Wide field of view with the HD digital mirror

The joyful know the world better

The responsive cabin is where architecture meets emotions

Joyful pathways to emotional intelligence

AVATR 12 your partner for your journey

Intelligent Windshield

2.57 ㎡ of lighting, the panoramic glass engulfs you in natural light

creating a futuristic lounge and connection with the world around you

Intelligent Panoramic Sunroof

Welcome to your private sky

35.4 inch 4K Panoramic Widescreen

Technology enables safety

Double Zero-Gravity Seats

Double coziness, exclusive space

Premium Interior Material

Fine Nappa leather seats and innovative materials like sustainable mother of pearl wood tailored to your casual luxury lifestyle

The extended dashboard welcomes you with a warmth reminiscent of the smooth contours of a spaceship