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The Mass Production of Futuristic Luxury Gran Coupe AVATR 12 Is Officially Wrapped up

Oct.11, 2023

AVATR Technology Made Its Grand Debut at Munich IAA Mobility

Sept.5, 2023

AVATR 12 World Premiere – Unveiling the Futuristic Luxury Gran Coupe

Sept.5, 2023

AVATR Completed the Series B Funding with Estimated Value of RMB 20 Billion

Aug.30, 2023

AVATR 11 Harmony Edition Takes the Stage – A Dazzling Sword-Dance of Performance, MSRP Starting from

Aug.24, 2023

AVATR Will Head Start to Be Equipped with CALT Shengxing Superfast Charging Battery

Aug.16, 2023

AVATR Partner Conference Held, Announcing 350 Showrooms to Be Built before Yearend

July.21, 2023

AVATR Launched ADS Package Subscription

June.30, 2023

The Second Major OTA Upgrade of AVATR 11

May.21, 2023

Way into Love, AVATR 520 . My Day Officially Kicked Off

May.20, 2023

The First Major OTA Upgrade of AVATR 11

Mar.31, 2023

AVATR 11 Single-motor Version Launched, MSRP Started from RMB 319,900

Mar.24, 2023

AVATR Care Goes Live for Exclusive Services

Jan.5, 2023

The First Batch of AVATR Centers Is Open to Users

Dec.23, 2022

As Expected, AVATR 11 and AVATR 011 Series SUVs Officially off the Line

Dec.20, 2022

AVATR 11 Shows Up at Chengdu Motor Show 2022

Aug.26, 2022

“A Moment We Meet”: AVATR 11 & 011 Global Launch

Aug.8, 2022

AVATR Officially Launched the All New Smart Electric Vehicle Architecture CHN

June.25, 2022

Cocooned Sensory Cockpit Unveiled,Avatr 11 Available for Pre-order

May.20, 2022

Avatr 011 co-designed by MMW debuts,limited to 500 units worldwide.

Apr.8, 2022

Avatr 11 Completes the First Round of Extreme Cold Tests to Prove Its Extreme Intelligence with the

Mar.9, 2022

Unveiled in the MIIT Product Announcement, Avatr 11 to Make Its Debut at the Beijing Auto Show

Mar.14, 2022

AVATR Technology Completed the First Round of Financing Delivery and to Launch A-round of Financing

Mar.29, 2022

AVATR Technology Officially Named and Continues Partnership with Changan Automobile, Huawei and CATL

May.20, 2021

AVATR Technology Completes First Round of Strategic Financing

Nov.15, 2021

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