Unveiled in the MIIT Product Announcement, Avatr 11 to Make Its Debut at the Beijing Auto Show

Mar.14, 2022

Beijing, 14 March 2022— Avatr Technology's first emotionally intelligent electric vehicle—Avatr 11 was unveiled in the Public Notice on Road Motor Vehicle Production Enterprises and Products (the 354th batch) released by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT). The announcement suggests that the mass production of the model has been accelerated. The Avatr 11 will be officially released at the Beijing Auto Show.

Avatr 11 has fully demonstrated its strong strength in the product announcement of the MIIT.

  • It features an ultimate sporty look with a class-leading driving space. The Avatr 11 has a wheelbase of 2975mm and a body length of 4880mm, leading the mid-to-large smart electric vehicle (SEV) market. The axle-to-length ratio of 0.61 is close to the golden ratio; the body width reaches 1970mm and the height is only 1601mm. The EV can be equipped with 22-inch/21-inch wheels in four different styles. With an extreme aspect ratio and wheel height ratio, it features a futuristic sporty look.
  • High-power motors and a balanced body design offer the ultimate driving experience. The Avatr 11 is equipped with a front motor of 195kW and a rear motor of 230kW. The dual-motor design is unparalleled among competitors. With a maximum power of 425kW, a 50:50 front-to-rear weight distribution ratio, and a 0-100 km/h acceleration within 3 seconds, the model can provide customers with the pleasure of driving a luxury coupe.
  • It is equipped with the CATL ternary lithium battery pack with a total capacity of 90.38kWh. Thanks to the new CTP technology of CATL, the energy density of the battery system of Avatr 11 is as high as 180Wh/kg. With dual motors and an electric four-wheel driving system, the energy consumption of the vehicle per 100 kilometers is only 16.6kWh, and the maximum range can reach 600km, showing the advantages of both performance and efficiency. The Avatr 11 version with a range of more than 700km is also under development.
  • Avatr 11 will be the first in the industry to apply a 750V high-voltage charging system, with a charging power of up to 240kW. The battery can charge from 30% to 80% in 15 minutes, making daily commute in urban areas an easy task. As its energy replenishment is also very efficient in long distance travel, customers can bid farewell to range anxiety and charging anxiety.
  • The super perception ability perfectly matches its super computing power platform. Equipped with 3 lidars, 6 millimeter-wave radars, 12 ultrasonic radars and 13 cameras, Avatr 11 has built a super perception system with a strong capability. In combination with a computing platform with a computing power of 400Tops, it is able to complete high-end intelligent driving in all scenarios such as high-speed driving and driving on complex urban roads.
  • Avatr 11 is designed by the Avatr Global Design Center in Munich, Germany. It takes "sense of the future" as the core design concept, and follows the design principles of bold confidence, new intelligence and vibrant individual in the overall design. With an agile and powerful appearance design, the vehicle displays a unique aesthetic charm.

    In the future, Avatr Technology will continue embracing the market, accelerating upgrades, and keeping making steady progress towards the medium-term goal of "launching four models in four years".