Avatr 11 Completes the First Round of Extreme Cold Tests to Prove Its Extreme Intelligence with the

Mar.9, 2022

Yakeshi, 9 March 2022—Avatr Technology announced that its first product, Avatr 11, has successfully completed the first round of extreme cold tests, indicating that the mass production of this model is in full swing and the model is a step closer to meeting customers.

In Yakeshi, the capital of ice and snow in China, Avatr 11 successfully passed all 38 tests, showing the strong power of Avatr Technology in extreme intelligence and ultimate quality.

The test results verified that Avatr 11 already reached the industry-leading level in terms of electronic appliances and vehicle performance, as it could bring customers high-end intelligent mobility experience even in extreme weather. These tests include:

  • cold start at minus 30 degree Celsius; the vehicle could start normally after spending over 12 hours outside, ensuring a worriless travel in extreme situations.
  • high-power charging at minus 20 degree Celsius; the Avatr 11 is equipped with 240 kW fast charging technology, and the battery pack can be warmed up to deliver the best performance in a short time, even in cold winter. Short charging time ensures rapid energy replenishment, so that customers do not have to wait for a long time in cold weather.
  • cabin heating test at minus 10 degree Celsius; in cold winter, the comfort of the occupants is an important consideration for Avatr Technology. The Avatr 11 uses a heat pump with a power of up to 8kW. It can heat up the cabin in just 15 minutes, providing a comfortable winter experience.
  • high-power four-wheel drive test in extreme cold weather; this extreme cold test also verified the excellent handling performance and driving pleasure of Avatr 11, proving that the high-power four-wheel drive system can deliver safe and stable driving experience even on low-adhesion road such as icy roads and snow.

  • The Avatr 11 in the winter tests uses the new-generation CTP battery pack of CATL. The battery pack is in the leading position in the industry both in terms of energy density and reliability. In addition, Huawei is also conducting extreme cold tests on the intelligent driving system on the Avatr 11; the EV will soon face another round of extreme cold tests in Mohe, Heilongjiang and durability tests in Dianjiang, Chongqing.