Cocooned Sensory Cockpit Unveiled,Avatr 11 Available for Pre-order

May.20, 2022

    Shanghai, May 20, 2022 — Avatr Technology announced the cockpit design of its first emotional intelligent electric coupe SUV — Avatr 11 and started online pre-order.

    Evolved EI for you: Original Cocooned Sensory Cockpit 

    Equipped with Cocooned Sensory Cockpit, the Avatr 11 provides emotional connections between customers and the vehicle. Starting from the Emotional Vortex, soft and warm elements cover all over the cockpit. Avatr 11 combines futuristic design with innovative technology and achieves a perfect balance between high-end luxury and futuristic style.

    The design of the Avatr 11 cockpit follows the Key-stone Principle. The smooth interior stitching is completely symmetrical and extends to the front and rear doors. In addition, with the intelligent interior ambient lighting, the cockpit offers a cocoon-like feel. Customers will feel safe and comfortable in it. It is worth mentioning that various forms of interaction such as the intelligent in-car ambient light which can dance to the rhythm of the music, voice interaction, and cocoon-like welcome effect of flowing water create a multi-dimensional "emotional interaction" with customers.

    The cockpit is equipped with smart interactive screens, which consists of two 10.25-inch high-definition full LCD screens and a 15.6-inch full-HD floating central touch screen. The floating central touch screen has a swift interactive design, so frequently used applications can be invoked with one touch. The central touch screen also supports functions such as gesture operations and split-screen application. The front passenger touch screen is developed with the “one-core & multi-screen” capability, bringing an exclusive audio-visual experience. To seamlessly connect with users' digital appliances, the Avatr 11 is equipped with high-power mobile phone wireless chargers with a maximum wireless charging power of 50W for some cellphone brands.

    Different from the traditional "single-cabin" design, the Avatr 11 has a cockpit design that integrates SUV and supercar design. The passenger compartment and trunk space are relatively independent to create a premium and quiet cabin atmosphere. Avatr 11 is equipped with the self-developed algorithm RNC (Road Noise Cancellation) technology and can actively reduce the road noise in the car and create a quiet in-car environment based on the real-time calculation of the vibration sensors and microphones. Under test conditions, once the RNC technology is invoked, noise in car (40 to 500Hz) can be significantly reduced. The total sound pressure level can be reduced by 3 dB, and the peak sound pressure level can be reduced by 13 dB, reaching the leading level in the category.

    Two cockpit design styles telling the futuristic spirit of casual luxury

    As the first model of Avatr Technology, the Avatr 11 is designed by Nader Faghihzadeh, a renowned top car designer. The exterior follows the design philosophy of bold confidence, new intelligence and vibrant individuality. It combines power and a sense of futuristic technology, showing a unique aesthetic of emotional intelligence. Its interior integrates forward-looking aesthetics and warm technology, creating a harmonious balance between casual luxury and futuristic style for customers.

    The Cool Grey interior style resembles a space cockpit. The main color of Cool Grey is matched with the dark roof and central control. The sporty seats are wrapped with NAPPA leather and microfiber suede, while the details are embellished with vivid lemon yellow. The Burgundy Red interior style combines burgundy red and moon blue, while the seat surface and backrest quilting are asymmetrically designed for an exclusive luxury experience and color contrast aesthetic.

    Materials and craftsmanship of casual luxury are not only reflected in the soft and delicate NAPPA leather, but also shown in a variety of high-standard materials with ingenuity such as microfiber suede, tufting, flocking, soft-touch paint, and other flexible fabrics. These quality materials are mixed via quilting, hot pressing, and other processes, creating the overall casual and luxurious atmosphere of the Avatr 11's cockpit.

    Multi-functional double massaging rear row seats are optional. The seat is not only spacious and comfortable, but also offering heating and massage functions, allowing passengers to relax and have a comfortable and cocoon-like driving experience. Seat back can be adjusted electrically. Based on the preset position, it can be adjusted backward by 12° and forward by 28°, with a total adjustment range of 40° to maximize driving comfort. The central multi-function armrest in the rear row has a functional touch panel and a wireless fast charger for mobile phones which brings users a warm, considerate and emotional experience.

    The class-leading segmented panoramic sunroof complements the futuristic interior style of casual luxury. The fixed glass of the front sunroof and the panoramic glass of the rear sunroof bring excellent visual transparency. An innovative ultra-narrow front beam and middle beam layout is used for the structure, which greatly optimizes the front row vision and head space. The total area of the external glass sunroof reaches 1.83mⅩ1.33m, far exceeding vehicles of the same class and bringing customers a spacious and comfortable driving experience.

    Innovative and vibrant product concept bringing a new multi-dimensional sensory experience

    The quiet cabin also brings an excellent display space for the audio. Tuned by a professional team, the Avatr 11 comes with 14 speakers and a 12-channel external amplifier, offering an advanced acoustic experience for every seat. The cockpit has 4-zone sound source localization in the front and rear rows, which can accurately identify verbal commands from users in different areas and execute corresponding operations.

    Meanwhile, the Avatr 11 is also equipped with ASE (Active Sound Enhancement), so customers can choose a variety of simulated sound waves with optimized sound effects to enjoy a personalized driving experience. Through the personalized and customized product experience, the Avatr 11 brings customers the freedom to master infinite possibilities.

    With innovative, free, and rich product concepts, the car is equipped with an intelligent fragrance system, which can accommodate three different fragrances at the same time to match more travel scenarios and moods. Avatr lifestyle boutique will provide more fragrance replacement solutions in the future to emulate love and fun of life.

    Focusing on the health and safety details, the Avatr 11 considerately creates an antibacterial interior. Antibacterial material* with an antibacterial rate of 99.9% is used in the places that users often touch, such as the steering wheel, the sub-instrument armrest, the door panel armrest, the door panel middle trim panel, and the NAPPA leather seat, which effectively inhibits bacterial growth. At the same time, the automatic air purifier with the CN95 air-conditioning filter can effectively filter PM2.5, PM10, droplets, bacteria, and other harmful substances, and its filtration efficiency for particles with an optical diameter of 0.3μm is greater than 95% to protect customers in all of their travels.

    In terms of storage convenience, the Avatr 11 has a large front trunk of 95 liters and 18 independent storage spaces**.

    Pre-order Avatr 11 now and enjoy exclusive benefits

    With the unveiling of the interior design, customers who pay a deposit of RMB520 to book an Avatr 11 now can enjoy the following three exclusive benefits:

    1- Official exclusive badges & titles

    They can get the exclusive virtual badges and title of "Heartbeat for Avatr 11" in Avatr's official App/mini program.

    2- One free equipment upgrade among specific options

    After the official product launch of the Avatr 11, based on the user's configuration choices, they can enjoy a free optional equipment upgrade, ranging from wheel hub styles to smart fragrance kits. For details, please refer to the rights and interests information released by Avatr Technology later.

    3- Weekly lucky draw

    From May 27th, the Avatr App community will release one, or a set of high-quality products every week for lucky draw. They can participate in the lucky draw for 6 weeks. Inviting friends to support can increase the probability of winning the prize. Those who do not win lucky draw can still get E-value guaranteed incentives.

    The car will be officially delivered within the year.

    * (Note: The antibacterial rate against Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus aureus, and Klebsiella pneumoniae reach 99.9%; based on the industry standard "QB/T 4341-2012 Antibacterial polyurethane synthetic leather. Test for antibacterial activity and efficacy")
    ** (Note: Part of the storage space is only available on the four-seat version)

    Disclaimer: Product images shown are for illustration purposes only. Actual products may vary due to product enhancement.